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Equipment and Items

The Realms has thousands of items, useful for fighting, flavor, and fun. Acquiring gear to outfit your character is critical both for survival early on and success at high levels of play. While there is a plethora of choices, the number of items favored for maxxed characters is relatively small. Looking at a piece of equipment gives a good idea of how best to use it, but for truly understanding a weapon or armour, use the Judge command. Additionally, join or seek out someone in a Guild with the Fix ability to Judge the equipment. Those with Fix can advance general.smithing substantially, which improves the quality of information when Judging.

The Newbie Handbook has an excellent overview of the basics of weapons and armours, as well as suggestions for both low and high level players. This page focuses on advanced topics and the finer points of gear management.


After you've found the kit of your dreams, what next? Observant players may notice that veterans walk around with a lot of cool looking gear with fancy colors. This too can be yours, by acquiring a number of enchantments. No one character can imbue an item with all the properties needed for it to reach its full potential. Several different guilds and organizations are involved, each adding an important buff.

Weapon enchantments:
  • Blaze: provided by Pyromancers; adds a fire attack. The most skilled enchanters grant the Fiery version.
  • Bless: provided by Priests; adds a magic attack, with damage lower than other types of enchants. A wielder with a sufficiently virtuous alignment will also be granted a bonus to GP regeneration.
  • Demonic: provided by Occultists; adds an acid attack. The most skilled enchanters grant the Hellborn version.
  • Sanctify: provided by Priests; adds an electricity attack. The most skilled enchanters grant the Celestial version.
  • Storm Bond: provided by Sorcerors; significantly increases the damage and to-hit for each of the weapon's attacks. The enchantment is more effective the lighter the weapon is.
Armour enchantments:
  • Resist: provided by Alchemists; adds a sizeable bonus to AC against a chosen damage type. A key way to shore up weak areas in an armour set. Dispelling existing enchantments and reducing the armour's weight beforehand will improve the result.
  • Scryer Dip: provided by Scryers; turns a collection of individual armour pieces into a single item and adds a bonus weight reduction. The set also comes out unsized, ensuring proper fit for the first wearer. The save level for the set is the maximum among all the individual pieces.
  • Gnome Machine: provided by Engineers; adds a random bonus effect to the item. The most desirable effect is Ultimately Gnomishly Insulated, which adds a very large AC bonus to one of the physical damage types, chosen at random. Other effects include Flexible, Weightless, Strengthened, and Silent.
Enchantments for both weapons and armours:
  • Dispel Magic: provided by Wizards; removes existing enchantments so that better ones can be applied. Dispel magic does not remove reduce or temper enchantments, but will remove others.
  • Reduce: provided by Sorcerors (and at a lower quality by Wizards); greatly reduces the weight of the item. The best enchanters can reduce weight by 96%, to a minimum of 10.
  • Temper: provided by Pyromancers; greatly increases the amount of abuse the item can take before degrading or disintegrating. Note that the process leaves the item in a state requiring fixing.
  • Rainbow: provided by Wizards; sets the enchantment bonus on an item to the highest level. Rainbow can be applied over existing enchantments to increase the enchant bonus.
  • Madagor Enchant: acquired in a special shop in Ukaeri, with a cost of both XP and money. Improves the enchant level by a fixed amount. Can only be done once per item. Requires a quest to purchase.
The order of applying the enchantments matters, primarily for Rainbow and the Gnome Machine. Tempering and fixing (though not War Wizard bond) harms the enchantment rating. First applying Temper or Reduce removes the possibility of Strengthened or Weightless results, respectively. Additionally, most players won't give out enchantments for free, so it's wise to repeat the process as few times as possible.

Recommended weapon enchantment order:
  • Dispel magic (only needed if existing enchantment is higher level than the added attack enchant)
  • Added attack (blaze, bless, demonic, or sanctify)
  • Reduce
  • Temper
  • Storm Bond
  • Rainbow
  • Madagor Enchant (optional)
Recommended armour enchantment order:
  • Reduce
  • Temper
  • Gnome Machine
  • Dispel magic
  • Resist
  • Rainbow
  • Madagor Enchant (optional)
  • Scryer Dip

Utility Items

Though it may be the best, there's more to life than crushing your enemies and listening to the lamentations of their women, and the same holds true for gear. While the number of things one may want is limitless, inventory space isn't. Both encumbrance and the 500 item limit have foiled many dreams of avarice. Magical bags of holding are far and away the most sought after support item, both by those wanting to carry a hefty load and thieves. The most popular ones in the realm are:
  • Elven Travel Bag (ETB): weighs 20, holds 400. Sold in Eluten, the elf homeland.
  • Storm Dragoness Bag (SDB): weighs 20, holds 400. A prize for defeating one of the Realms' toughest monsters.
  • Red Velvet Pouch: weighs 5, holds 120. Sold in Treeth.
  • Hollowed Troll Headbag: weighs 60, holds 500. Found on Quai, a lich hidden away in the Valeris foothills.
  • Underdark Travel Pack: weighs 30, holds 400. Found in Armoury in Sreen. Should you be in dire need of healing or mana, you may 'retrieve heal' or 'retrieve mana'. Be warned, however, that in doing so, you will permanently decrease the carrying capacity of this container.
Other useful items include:
  • Travel scrolls: when recited, will transport you to one of the major cities around the Realms. These are usually found close to where you end up when using them. Very handy if you're trapped somewhere or fall off a boat. They require points in magic.items or faith.items to use successfully.
  • Incense sticks: doubles your natural GP regeneration rate while active. Sold in Kai-Thann.
  • Torches: allows races without infravision to see in the dark. Sold in Treeth.
  • Shoufa: allows underground dwelling races to see safely in well lit areas. Sold in Sreen and jealously guarded by the Drow.
  • Keyring: store all your keys in it. Found on Pesvint guards.
  • Yohimbe bark: gives a temporary bonus to strength and constitution. Scavenged from Yohimbe trees.


Game mechanics are boring, who cares about those? If you want to do something fun, festive, and flavorful, the Realms can definitely scratch that itch. Some of the more popular pastimes include:
  • Beer! Everyone loves a good drink, and there are plenty of taverns and liquor stores to go around. Go out for a round, or buy a keg and show up at your friend's house or guild hall to get everyone sauced. Just don't have too many or you might pass out!
  • Smoking! What Halfling doesn't love to hit a good pipe? There are many fine strains of tobacco to puff on.
  • Toys! All manner of neat toys like super cool yo-yos and fun bubbles can be found to play with.
  • Swag! While meathead fighters might cringe at the thought of removing their sweaty platemail, more savvy residents of the Realms can show off their panache with cool outfits, or encrust their kit with rubies, diamonds, and all manner of precious gems to style on fools.
  • Love! The top adventurers don't fly solo, so why should you? Surprise your sweetheart with a ring hand-crafted in Stowe and get married! Jaded, cynical, and masochistic? We've got that covered too, just visit the divorce shop in Rhone!
  • Mystery! There are lots of strange and wonderful baubles to find. They may unlock untold arcane secrets, bring great riches, or just be something the immortals cooked up to hurt your brain. Try drinking the purple potion!

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