Realms of the Dragon
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Terminal Programs

Terminals allow you to create triggers and set up a heads up display (HUD). This greatly improves the game experience. For more information on setting up your client, see the HUD page.

These are the known terminal programs used to access RoD. Click on a program to view instructions for installation (if available).

Free Terminals (Completely Free) Paid License Terminals (30 day free trial)
  • zMUD 7 (Win 9x,2000,XP)
  • Download zMUD here.
  • cMUD (Win XP SP2, Vista)
  • Download cMUD here.

Configure all terminal programs to use host (tcp/ip) address: at port 3000

zMUD is the most commonly used terminal program with our players. It offers many advanced features that enhance their playing experience. Most choose to pay for the newest version which is a one time purchase for about $30 USD. However there are many of our players who play with the free terminals without any significant difference. It's a matter of choice really.

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