Realms of the Dragon
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The Realms is a rich place, full of many gods and goddesses. These divine beings are known to bless or curse those who curry favor or draw ire. Characters may worship one (and only one) deity, and this choice impacts guild and organization joining options. To worship a deity, you must find the appropriate shrine out in the world. See the deities help file for the hierarchy of gods and their relationships with the races.

List of Deities

Armagor, also known as The God of War.
Armagor is the Dracolich King of the Underworld, God of War. He is considered by all other deities to be the source of pure evil in the Realms. His appearance is that of a decaying undead dragon surrounded by an aura of nether magics. Any who gaze upon the frightening visage of Armagor are spellbound by evil and become flesh-starved zombies. Dark wizards, and followers of the occult are his primary servants, though he does occasionally accept tribute from other evil creatures. Armagor feeds on suffering and pride through his subjects and their victims. He requires constant sources of negative energy to maintain enough power to hold reign of the Underworld.

Alignment: evil
Shrine location: hidden beneath the cemetery west of Lirath
Recommended for: evil fighter types

Barbizon, also known as The God of Life.
Barbizon the God of Life is patron God of the Dragon Templars and is followed by those who desire to preserve the sanctity of life as well as promote order and lawfulness throughout the land. He implores his followers to seek out evil in all its forms, and protect the innocent who do not have the strength to protect themselves. Barbizon directs his Holy Knights to carry out his will and preserve the sanctity of life by the sword, eliminating the Realms of those who are evil and bringing down his wrath on those who would violate the sacredness of life.

Alignment: good
Shrine location: Castle Laodicea, and Treeth, near the cathedral
Recommended for: those of goodly faith, Dragon Templars

Deneir, also known as The God of Scholars and Cartography.
Known commonly for inspiring humility and conscience among his subjects, Deneir is a fair and neutral God with a loyal following. The humans who seek his blessings are self-aware theologians and aspiring scientists seeking to better understand the Realms. Though capable of protecting what is important to them, Deneirian high-priests speak against inventions of death and weaponry. All followers of Deneir avoid association with other races whenever possible, for they fear being influenced by their small-minded ways.

Alignment: neutral
Shrine location: Serrllach, the Human homeland
Recommended for: Humans

Eliatha, also known as The Elven Goddess of the Animals and the Forest.
Eliatha, the Elven Goddess, is the perfect union of beauty, motherhood and unconditional love. Her exquisite, flawless features and beauty make her ageless, yet she is the embodiment of sexuality and feminine mystique. Only those who dedicate themselves to her teachings and love of all nature are gifted with her caring and protection. Her long, slender fingers reach out to hold her elven children, protecting them from harm. Her fury at those who would endanger them knows no bounds, putting fear into the most evil of hearts.

Alignment: good
Shrine location: Eluten, the Elf homeland
Recommended for: Elves

Gaia, also known as The Eternal Keeper of the Great Well.
Gaia is the most ancient of deities, and older than the Realms itself. There is no known information of Gaia having a physical form or gender. The ancestors of the Realms theorized that Gaia is a part of every living spirit of the Realms. All new life that is released from the Great Well, is awakened by Gaia. When a spirit is released from a living being, it returns to Gaia who then places it back in the Great Well to rest until it is ready to be reborn once again. The study of this deity requires a mind of balance and not of the tribulations associated with faith or propriety. Those who dedicate themselves to Gaia, are often neutral creatures seeking the greatest of enlightenment and understanding of the connection between all living things.

Alignment: neutral
Shrine location: northeast of Pesvint
Recommended for: Druids

Gnoss, also known as The God of the Gnomes.
Gnoss is the God of Time, wielding power of the Past, Present and Future. He was once considered the most powerful of all deities, having ruled over all mortal fate and knowledge. This power caused the other Gods to jealously plot against him and cause a great coup that would be known as the All Saints War. By the end of the war, Gnoss had announced that he would go into exile after splitting his powers up among his chosen mortal creations. He knew this creation would have to be very intelligent and capable of adapting to the climate of adversity he faced as a God. With one hand he dug into the earth and retrieved a ball of clay which was instilled with all his power. Yavanna the Queen of the Earth assisted, by giving life to the clay and creating the first three Gnomes. These three Avatars were each given specific knowledge to build a new civilized race. Confident of his chosen disciples, Gnoss renounced his throne in the heavens by releasing the power fate directly to all mortals. Followers of Gnoss tend to keep to themselves, or those alike. They're intelligent, logical and often members of arcane factions that empower the advanced study of space and time. His most faithful subjects are those whose purpose in the Realms is to spread peace and knowledge to all sentient creatures.

Alignment: neutral
Shrine location: Gniblin, the Gnome homeland
Recommended for: Gnomes

Grummsh, also known as The God of the Orcs.
Grummsh One-Eye is the patron deity of the Orcs and a god of Survival and Conquest. He is the enemy of all non-orcs, and especially the puny races that follow deities of peace. Grummsh values brute strength and his followers must offer him blood sacrifices and the scalps of enemy races. Grummsh's clerics are largely Orcan shamans clothed in crimson, and his favoured servant is the giant rat. While not as devious as other deities, Grummsh makes up for subtlety with immense force and unbridled fury.

Alignment: evil
Shrine location: Cl'Turk, the Orc homeland
Recommended for: Orcs

Ilneval, also known as The God of Orkish Warfare.
Ilneval, the Clever Arm, is the Lieutenant of Grummsh and the tactical master of Orkish warfare. Unlike most orcs, the followers of Ilneval know the value of tactics and strategy to a successful campaign, and subterfuge is just as likely to be employed as brute force. Ilneval revels in a well-laid plan coming to fruition and the foreknowledge of doom in the minds of soon-to-be-defeated warriors. Ilneval shows favour to his followers by sheathing their weapons in dripping blood while he punishes the unfaithful with wounds that do not heal.

Alignment: evil
Shrine location: Cl'Turk, the Orc homeland
Recommended for: Akzar'gorak

Kirgi, also known as The God of Theft and Deception.
Kirgi the Rat God is the patron of thieves of any stripe and is worshipped exclusively by many shady underworld characters, granting them strange powers of deception and guile. Kirgi is also one of the Gods of Evil and Darkness, and as such is approached by those with an interest in the occult. While Kirgi is undoubtedly powerful, he favours those ambitious, self-sufficient, and self-satisfying mortals who do not consider themselves bound by any one set of moral guidelines. These chaotic agents seek aid from Kirgi, but their self-serving plans always seem to fit into Kirgi's master plan somehow.

Alignment: evil
Shrine location: hidden away in Iapage
Recommended for: Shadowthieves

Lolth, also known as The Goddess of the Drow.
Lolth, the Valsharess and Spider Queen, is the deity of most Drow and is an evil goddess of Chaos. Her clerics are generally female and her supernatural servants include spiders and the dreaded yochlol, her demonic handmaidens. The worship of Lolth is characterized by sacrifice: the Noble Houses of the Drow require Lolth's favour for the continued survival and advancement within a society centered on playing her games of treachery and cunning. Lolth hates the surface elven kin of the Drow and her followers regularly terrorize and murder the elves for sport.

Alignment: evil
Shrine location: Sreen, the Drow homeland
Recommended for: Drow

Mahar, also known as The God of the Dwarves.
Although short of stature, Mahar commands respect, his temperament closely approaching arrogance. There are few brave enough, or perhaps stupid enough, to challenge him. Those who have did not live long enough to regret their folly. His followers know that they will be tested, both in intellect and strength. Their total devotion to Mahar need never be questioned. They serve as his disciples, instructing young dwarves in the teachings of Mahar. They welcome his demands for fairness and goodness, and lead by example. Never misjudge a follower of Mahar. He will devote his body and his mind to all that Mahar demands.

Alignment: good
Shrine location: Tyrniall, the Dwarf homeland
Recommended for: Dwarves

The Nameless One, also known as The God of the Duergar.
Known among his followers as The Lord of Toil, the Nameless One is a relentless taskmaster hellbent on undying servitude. None know the exact origin of this Nameless God, however, the priests of Cranogwen speak of an ancient battle between the dwarves of Cranogwen and the drow of Sreen. All seemed lost for the stout-hearted dwarves and in their dying hour, two priests of a Cranogwen did the unthinkable. Laduguer and his daughter Deep Duerra bound their bodies to the Well of Oblivion and began chanting in an ancient occult tongue. As the drow approached, father and daughter took each others lives spilling their blood into the Well of Oblivion. Moments later darkness begun to consume Cranogwen, the remaining dwarves began twisting and writhing in pain as their new visage of evil took shape. The dwarves of Cranogwen were dead, the duergar were born and the drow were defeated. In their most desperate of times the Nameless One came to them, and so now the duergar of Cranogwen live a life repaying that debt, and if they are found unworthy of their God, the Hand of Toil will judge them.

Alignment: evil
Shrine location: Cragnowen, the Duergar homeland
Recommended for: Duergar

Severan, also known as The God of Justice.
Severan is a Power shrouded in divine mystery. Holy and Imperial, yet personal and forgiving, Severan represents both iron-hard justice and tender mercy. Healing the sick, striking down the proud, and raising up the humble, Severan is revered by many peoples throughout the Realms, and in each city and culture another set of legends springs up regarding his appearances. Arguably one of the most influential deities, Severan has established an order of Holy Paladins to aid his priesthood in establishing justice and commands the allegiance of innumerable members of many races. Severan's special mercies and benefits are shown to the humble, and many traditions hold that he was once a mortal human who ascended to divinity. In any event, there is no doubt that his many appearances have left behind a host of holy relics venerated in his Church and carrying special blessings. Severan is an easy god to follow for the meek, the downtrodden, and the suffering, but he brooks no challenge to his authority among his followers, preferring they rely on his power instead of their own.

Alignment: good
Shrine location: Lirath, Treeth, Mystic Keep
Recommended for: those of goodly faith

Vhaeraun, also known as The Masked Lord.
Vhaeraun, one of the Sons of Lolth, is in constant and violent opposition to his mother. Unlike Lolth's female-dominated priesthood, the clerics of Vhaeraun are generally male. Also known as the Masked Lord, Vhaeraun is the deity of deception, thieving, and trickery among the Drow. His followers believe the destiny of the Drow is to retake the surface world as their own.

Alignment: evil
Shrine location: Villisca
Recommended for: players may not currently worship Vhaeraun

Yannick, also known as The God of the Elements.
Yannick's followers are those who are far more interested in studying the elements of fire, air, water, and earth and in controlling those elements, than in studying war. Yannick himself is a neutral god, taking no pleasure or interest in goodness or evil. Those who follow Yannick believe that by controlling the elements, they can better control the world, and leave petty battles to others. Whether they be drow, duergar, dwarf, elf, gnome, halfling, human or orc, they are welcome to study and learn, as long as they do not bother others who wish to study the sciences without racial friction or strife.

Alignment: neutral
Shrine location: west of Hylar, atop a mountain
Recommended for: elemental casters

Yavanna, also known as The Protector of the Dwarves and Gnomes.
Yavanna was once considered the Mother of all Gods. Friend to Gnoss, who was at one time the most powerful of all deities, she herself had tremendous powers. As other gods became more and more jealous of Gnoss, they fought what became known as The All Saints War. Gnoss, realizing he had lost the war and his powers chose to go into exile. Unwilling to simply walk away from his beloved followers, Gnoss dug into the earth and retrieved a ball of clay which was instilled with all his power. Yavanna the Queen of the Earth assisted by giving life to the clay and thus creating the first three Gnomes. These three Avatars were each given specific knowledge to build a new civilized race. Followers of Yavanna dedicate themselves to her for her goodness and protection of gnomes and dwarves against the warring factions. They pledge to always glorify her, to continue to aid her in making the world less evil, giving their lives if necessary to keep followers of the evil gods from totally dominating the world, never willing to let her be forgotten.

Alignment: good
Shrine location: Tyrniall, the Dwarf homeland, and Gniblin, the Gnome homeland
Recommended for: Dwarves and Gnomes

Yoglhu, also known as The Living Putrescence.
Yoglhu, with his writhing tenacles and slime-covered body, is the epitome of evil. Known for his abilities to create plagues, and worshiped from afar by those who truly love evil, he is a delightful undead monstrosity. He takes great pleasure in imbuing his knowledge, teaching those most ardent and worthy followers the secrets of sharing his gifts. Yoglhu loves sharing, and unlike most other godly beings, is racially unprejudiced and nondiscriminatory. He is happiest when sharing his slime with any who value evil and are willing to go forth and spew.

Alignment: evil
Shrine location: Abyss and Iapage
Recommended for: Chaos Legions

Yondalla, also known as The Goddess of the Halflings.
Yondalla, the Goddess of the Halflings, is considered quite beautiful, with long dark hair and a smile that is filled with love and caring for her followers. She is known as a goddess of fertility and can make barren things fertile and increase the growing rate of plants and animals to any speed she chooses. She is also known as The Protector. As such she wards off evil influences and intrustions. She gives halflings the strength and determination to defend themselves. She smiles upon her followers when they aid and help others. She bids her followers to show respect for the dead and frowns upon sacrifices and needless deaths.

Alignment: good
Shrine location: Rhea, the Halfling homeland
Recommended for: Halflings

Yurtrus, known as The God of Death and Decay.
The Silent One. White Hands. The insane God of Death, Yurtrus relies on fear rather than devotion to win followers and prayers. His servitors spread disease among the unfaithful and grant immunity to his 'blessings' to his favoured chosen. Yurtrus needs no subtlety and has no desire to seduce his petitioners with the illusion of power or buy their souls in return for temporal ascendancy. He delights in suffering leading to death, but it is the night and not the twilight that is his province.

Alignment: evil
Shrine location: Cl'Turk, the Orc homeland
Recommended for: Urk'krak

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