Realms of the Dragon
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The Alchemist guild:

***Under construction***
    Location: Treemalking near Manetheren Highway.
    Main stat: Intelligence.
    Secondary stat: Constitution.

      Defensive: Ice Armour, Frost Cloak, Water Shield, Resist (quest), Summon Lesser Water Elemental, Summon Water Elemental, Summon Mephit
      Offensive (target): Arcane Bolts, Ice Lance, Shards of Ice, Acid Lash
      Attack (area):Tsunami, Cone of Cold, Frost Gate, Hail Barrage
      Attack (misc):Create Ice Shard, Freeze
      Miscellaneous (potion):Fill Bottle; Invisibility Potion, Restore Water, Major Cure Water; True Cure Water, Mana Potion, Constitution Potion, Vapor Form Potion, Minor Cure Water
      Miscellaneous (enchant):Resistance Binding, Detect Magic
      Miscellaneous (other):Strength, Darkness, Light, Air sphere

    Skills: Toss (Baneful Potion), Shard, Shoot Wand (of Maramon, Create (Potion)
    Trees: Magic 300
    Racial restrictions: None.
    Alignment restrictions: None.

What race to pick: Some argue that picking race and/or organization comes before picking guild, but nonetheless some races are better adapted to skills that alchemists need. Alchemists are one of the few guilds that can advance both for service and for combat at the same time. Still, your race choice will affect how good you will be at combat and service. Drow have a very high MSOT skill bonus, and thus it is to be expected that Acid Lash for drow are better than for gnomes. Gnomes on the other hand, have the highest MIPotion skill, which is essential for the quality for your potions. While elf, drow and gnome all have high magic bonuses (along with high intelligence), other races struggle when it comes to magic. Orcs are a good example of such race. Then why choose to be an orc alchemist? Well, orcs drink potions too, don't they? Alchemists also have combat capabilities, and perhaps you don't want to be like "everyone else"...

Newbie guild: Advance magic, fighting, general and vitality to 5. Train stats by 5 - which ones depends on your race and preferance, but your end goal is 18 in intelligence and constitution so that you reach the cap at 25 with potions. You can train stats more in the main guild and training intelligence there doesn't tax you as much as other stats, so most alchemists advance strength or constitution in newbie guild. Strength is for carrying capacity.


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