Realms of the Dragon
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The Cleric guild:

    Location: Sreen.
    Main stat: Wisdom.
    Secondary stat: Constitution.

      Defensive: Spell Web (Elemental AC-guild only), Poison Immunity, Chaos Lace (Main Damage Diffraction-guild only), Passweb, Abysmal Shield (Evil Shield-general), Web Shield (Physical AC), Resist Spells (mini-quest)
      Offensive (target): Silent Venom (Stat Drop), Spider Venom (Damage over time), Flailing Tentacles (Quest), Chaotic Disjunction (NPC Only)
      Attack (area):Arachnid Swarm
      Attack (misc):Whip Effects, Summons
      Curative:Healing, Stat Restoration, Summon Player Ghost, Summon Drow Corpse (Quest), Resurrection, Cure Poison
      Commands: Turn.
      Trees: Faith 400
      Racial restrictions: Drow only.
      Alignment restrictions: Evil only.


    The clerics of Lolth are of the most prestigious calling in drow society. They have the honour of serving the Spider Goddess, and she grants her favoured children a vast array of powers to punish the heretic surface scum. With control over life and death, clerics are both fearsome opponents and valued allies, able to slaughter the masses, and resurrect the vanquished. Competent in the skills of enslavement and possession, clerics can command the very undead to do their bidding, creating subservient fiends from the corpses of defeated enemies. Lolth grants her worshipping zealots both dominion of her prized arachnid minions, and the manipulation of devious venoms and poisons to set a surfacer's blood afire. The true strength of the cleric lies in the protection the Spider Goddess provides them, in the form of shields and enchantments to leave her chosen near invulnerable on the battlefield.

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