Realms of the Dragon
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The Dark Knight guild:

***Under construction***
    Location: Hylar.
    Main stat: Strength and intelligence.
    Secondary stat: Constitution and dexterity.
    Spells: Circle of destruction, destroy, Vigor, Ward of armour, Demonic light, Detect alignment, Cry of war, Resist, Damage shield, Blood covenant.
    Skills: Fix, massacre, dive
    Trees: Fighting 300, occult
    Racial restrictions: None.
    Alignment restrictions: Evil only.

Massacre: Attack command that uses your highest FOM subskill and FOS.
Dive: Orders your wyvern to dive on your target, hitting it up to four times. Can be performed once per fight. Damage depends on wyvern.
Circle of destruction:
Destroy: Single target attack spell.
Ward of armour:
Demonic light: Increases target's lighting.
Detect alignment: Detects target's alignment.
Cry of war:
Damage shield:
Blood covenant:

Wyvern: Through a simple quest in the cemetary east of Hylar one aquires a wyvern. The colour of the wyvern one gets is random and it decides the kind of damage it does. The wyvern can be leveled up through xping to a max level of 100.

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