Realms of the Dragon
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The Druid Guild

Location: between Pesvint and Iapage.
Main stat for caster: Wisdom.
Main stat for morph: Strength and Dexterity.
Secondary stat for caster: Constitution.
Secondary stat for morph: Constitution and Wisdom.
Skill Trees: Faith 300, Fighting 50 (fighting.offensive.melee.blunt is 150)
Racial restrictions: None.
Alignment restrictions: Neutral.
Deity restrictions: Gaia, Gnoss, Yannick, Deneir.

Druids are a powerful Guild, commanding the fury of nature and possessing both a wide range of spells and the ability to transform into animals. A morphed Druid is a formidable fighter, and a spell casting Druid has an array of support abilities in combat. However, the nature Deities demand that a Druid remain faithful to the neutral path. One who is too good or evil will not be able to cast spells.

While all Druids gain all spells and commands, the advancement plans and play styles between morphing and spell casting diff substantially. Players should choose one to focus on for high level play. Either may be utilized for acquiring experience to advance, though morph is recommended due to its much lower GP costs.



Usage :
  • morph [<form>|normal]
  • morph[study|consider|forget] <animal>
GP Cost: 0 to 1500
Minimum Level: 0 (overall)
Skills Used:
  • fighting.offensive.melee.unarmed - Offensive power of bestial form.
  • faith.spells.misc.self - Offensive power of bestial form and number of forms that you may maintain.
  • general.lore - Number of forms that you may maintain.
  • faith.spells.defensive.self - Defensive power of bestial form.


Rend is the attack command for morphed Druids. The damage and number of hits depend upon the form chosen for morph.

Syntax: rend <target>
GP Cost: 5 to 50
Minimum Level: 50th (overall)
Attack Type: Target Attack
Attack Rating Skill: fighting.offensive.special
Allowed Weapon Types: fighting.offensive.melee.unarmed

While in any Animal or Amphibian form, a morph druid may rend their enemy with the great fury of nature. Whether by claw or tail or even powerful jaws, the strength of the morphed druid is undeniable.


  • Attack

    • Air Slash
    • Energy Leaf
    • Harm
    • Hunger Of The Land
    • Ice Thorn
    • Nature's Wrath
    • Punishment
    • Scorpion
    • Thorn Spray
  • Defense

    • Barkskin
    • Elemental Aura
    • Resist
    • Storm Wall
    • Swarm of Wasps
    • Swirling Leaves
  • Curing

    • Breath of Life
  • Miscellaneous

    • Detect Alignment
    • Entangle
    • Faerie Fire
    • Starshine
    • Summon Cloud
    • Summon Tornado

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