Realms of the Dragon
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The Fighters guild - halfling fighter - Hamstringers:

    Location: Rhea.
    Main stat: Strength and dexterity.
    Secondary stat: Constitution.
    Spells: None
    Skills: Hide, sneak, fix, hamstring, weave.
    Trees: Fighting 400, covert 50
    Racial restrictions: Halfling only.
    Alignment restrictions: None.
The following is a brief explanation of the skills:

Hide: Allows you to hide in shadows. It relies on the skill covert.hiding, it costs 10 guild points regardless of if it succeeds or fails. You get this ability at level 0.

Sneak: Lets you sneak in a direction. This means that you get no exit or enter messages. This relies on the skill covert.stealth. It will not inform you of success or failure and costs 10 guild points regardless of whether you succeed or not. You get this ability at level 0.

Hamstring: Lets you move around to the back of your target, attacking it with a vicious attack and possibly hindering it's movement. This works with Sharp weapons. This ability uses your and fighting.offensive.special. You gain this ability at lvl 50

Weave: By applying your superior dexterity and dodging skills, you absorb parts of all received damage. Works as a casted shield with a base 65% protection randomly protecting huge amounts of damage (75-84%). You gain this ability at lvl 50

Fix: Using weapons and armours in combat deteriorates their condition. This command allows you to repair the armour's or weapon's condition so that it gives you more protection or does more damage again. When fixing items you will need money to pay for the materials you use in the smithy. As your skill in general.smithing increases, the closer you will be able to repair an item to its undamaged state. You get this ability at level 0.

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