Realms of the Dragon
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Mage Guild

Main stat: Intelligence.
Secondary stat: Constitution.
Racial restrictions: Drow Only!
Alignment restrictions: Revel in pure wickedness.
Location: Sreen. Walk about, you'll find it to the south.

Let's be frank. If you need help getting started, and you're about to pick the first guild for you, this isn't the right guild. Seek elsewhere. Try the Wizards, they always like new faces.

To begin with, you have to join and maybe even advance a bit in the Mage's guild. Learn some spells from the mentor within the tower, and at some point decide if you wish to fall into shadow, or chaos. You could probably do neither, but then... what the hell are you doing in this guild? Use the specialize command in the guild when you're ready to decide.

Okay, let's start with the basics. You don't get any fancy commands, or abilities. You get spells. Below is the list of spells you get. I'd avoid Specializing in a field until you have finished at least 1 branch under spells.offensive and spells.defensive, give yourself some time to 'feel' the choices. Get the tomes in the guild store and look at the spells. Or... if you must... look at the wiki for the subguilds.


  • Fighting: 15
  • Magic: 310
    • Magic.Items: 300


    Offensive Spells

    • Arcane Bolts - Level 1 Magic.Spells.Offensive
    • Magic Missile - Level 5 Magic.Spells.Offensive
    • Claws of Devouring - Level 15 Magic.Spells.Offensive
    • Force of Darkness - Level 25 Magic.Spells.Offensive
    • Dark Implosion - Level 50 Magic.Spells.Offensive
    • Cone of Cold - Level 85 Magic.Spells.Offensive

    Defensive Spells

    • Wreath of Darkness - Level 5 Magic.Spells.Defensive
    • Ethereal Fog - Level 50 Magic.Spells.Defensive
    • Infuse the Void - Level 300 Magic.Spells.Defensive

    Misc Spells

    • Detect Magic - Level 5 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Detect Alignment - Level 5 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Darkness - Level 5 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Dark Vision - Level 25 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Enchant - Level 75 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Invisibility - Level 100 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Gloom - Level 110 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Summon Wraith - Level 125 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Dispel Enchant - Level 125 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Reduce Weight - Level 150 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Nether Field - Level 350 Magic.Spells.Misc

        What more knowledge do you believe yourself entitled to possess? Begone!

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