Realms of the Dragon
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The Mystic Guild:

    Location: Eluten, south-east section, upstairs in the temple.

    Racial restrictions: Elf only.
    Alignment restrictions: Good only.
    Main stat: Wisdom.
    Secondary stats: Constitution, Dexterity, Strength.

    Skill Trees:
    • Fighting to 200
    • Faith to 225
    • Covert to 80

    Special Commands:
    • Raze (Attack Command)
    • Hide
    • Sneak
    • Shapechange (Stat Boost)
    • Shift (Change Damage Types for Weapons and Armours)

    • Attack:
      • Conjure (weapons)
    • Defensive:
      • Karma (layers)
      • Animal Agility (shield)
      • Animal Hide (AC)
      • Primal Defence
    • Curative:
      • Nature's Blessing (heal)
      • Animal Vitality (hit point increase)
      • Restoration
      • Exude Toxins
      • Eliatha's Blessing
    • Misc:
      • Primal Form (arms)
      • Animal Animo (regen)
      • Water Form (Can't drown)
      • Detect Alignment
      • Bestial Vision
      • Conjoin


When joining this guild you will have to choose which animal you want to be. There are different ones to pick from: Tiger, Boar, Wolf and Bear. These all give different bonuses and abilities.
  • Tiger gives you a dodge.melee bonus and the ability to corner someone, corner is a holding ability that works as long as you are standing still with your opponent in the same room.
  • Boar gives you an extra melee attack per round using your tusks with a change to gouge your opponent. Boar also received a large fa.s.m bonus.
  • Wolf gives you the ability to fear everyone you fight in the same room, causing them to run in for cover and thus leaving the room. Wolves also receive a v.m.e bonus.
  • Bear gives you a big boost in vit.phy.endurance and the roar ability, which is similar to the priest spell bless which improves your combat abilities, but this command also gives the bonuses against other players where the normal bless spell does not.


  • Raze: This is a special attack that can be used with sharp blunt and unarmed. it uses your highest fighting.offensive.melee.(sharp,blunt,unarmed) and fighting.offensive.special. Recommended 360 in fighting.offensive.special for Invincible Raze
  • Shapechange: This makes you shapechange into different types of animals depending on what type you Communed to. This ability grants you different types of stat boost depending on what type you got.
    • Bear gets a big Con bonus and a bit less in Str and Dex
    • Tiger gets a big boost in Dex and smaller ones in Con and Str
    • Wolf and Boar get a big boost in Str and smaller ones in Con and Dex
    This ability uses faith.spells.defensive.self (which is affected by the bonus boar gets) to determine the stat increase. It maxes out at 4/4/8, where 8 is in the stat relevant to your animal totem.
  • Shift: This command allows you to shift all incoming damage to a damage type that you want. You also shift the damage type you want on your summoned weapons, for example shift weapon to fire. This will give all your summoned weapons a fire attack. Also see conjure.
  • Hide: Allows you to hide in the shadows. It relies on the skill covert.hiding and costs 10 guild points regardless of whether it succeeds or fails.
  • Sneak: Lets you sneak in a direction. This means that no one sees your exit or enter messages. This relies on the skill covert.stealth. It will not inform you of success or failure and costs 10 guild points regardless of whether you succeed or not.
  • Unhide: This command allows you to appear from the shadows at will.

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