Realms of the Dragon
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The Ninja guild:

    Location: Pesvint. Several important annexes are located elsewhere.
    Main stat: Dexterity.
    Secondary stat: Constitution (and intelligence).
    Spells: None
    Skills: Hide&sneak&unhide/sense, slip/palm, legsweep/jumpkick, rift/abduct, golden/cleanse, evade/displace, style, fix, launch.
    Trees: Fighting 300, covert 200, mental 75
    Racial restrictions: None.
    Alignment restrictions: None.
The ninjas are a versatile group. Some of them use unarmed combat and tricks to defeat their enemies, while others use the raw power of a kata attack. Some throw shurikens from the shadows and abduct their adversary to fight them in private, others are trained to see what others can't - even invisible mages passing by. Ninjas are fond of their tricks, that much can at least be said.

Of the skills one can choose between slip and palm, between legsweep and jumpkick and so on, when one hits the right level. The latter skills listed all ninjas get. The following is a brief explanation of the skills:

Hide: Allows you to hide in shadows. It relies on the skill covert.hiding, it costs 10 guild points regardless of if it succeeds or fails.
Sneak: Lets you sneak in a direction. This means that you get no exit or enter messages. This relies on the skill covert.stealth. It will not inform you of success or failure and costs 10 guild points regardless of whether you succeed or not.
Unhide: This command allows you to appear from the shadows at will.
Sense: Grants you a chance to spot hidden or even invisible objects or denizens in a room as you enter it, or every time you look or glance in the room.
Slip: This command allows you to slip things to players or containers without generating a give message. The use of this command will cost you 3 guild points for every object you slip to someone else. It uses the skill covert.thieving.sleight-of-hand for determining the skill bonus.
Palm: Lets you pick up items from the ground, a container or even from a corpse without anyone noticing it.
Legsweep: Instant attack that does no damage, but attempts to interrupt one command or spell on target. Based on unarmed skill for sucess. Costs 200 GP.
Jumpkick: Instant damaging attack based on unarmed skill. Costs 100 GP.
Rift: A very fast way to transport yourself to another Player. Costs 800 GP and 20,000 xp.
Abduct: Used on a target there is a chance that you will abduct said target with you to the void. You can "leave" at any time unless held. Duration is limited. Sucess chance is improved if you are out of combat and hidden. Used on self it has a 100% chance of sucess unless you are held. Costs 800 GP when used on target, 0 when used on self (although you still need to have at least 800 GPs to perform it). Used on self the duration is limitless. Chance of success on target depends on dexterity and covert.stealth skill.
Golden Hand: A healing ability using for effectivenes. Costs 400 GP.
Cleanse: Rids the body of poisons and restores stats. Uses for effectivenes. Costs 400 GP.
Evade: A defensive maneouver that uses fighting.defensive.dodging.melee and mental.incorporeal.psi.defensive to decide effectivenes. Enables the ninja to partly and sometimes fully dodge attacks. Evade is a timed ability with a long duration. Evade gives less protection against physical attacks than glide (bladedancer defensive ability) does, but contrary to glide it also protects against spell damage, although to some lesser extent.
Displace: A defensive maneouver that works much like wizard images. Number of images depends on fighting.defensive.dodging.melee and mental.incorporeal.psi.defensive. Costs 500 GP to perform.
Style: Lets you switch between different styles. Styles are taught in guild and in the various annexes. Each style enchances different skills. Kenjutsu enhances the sharp skill, Taijutsu the unarmed skill and so on. A total of 13 style points can be learnt with a maximum of 6 in each. Costs 50 GPs to perform, has a short cooldown to reuse.
Fix: Lets the ninja fix his or other's gear in a smithy.
Launch: The main attack command for ninjas. Within Launch one finds the old Whirlwind, Assault, Dim Mak and Kata. A comprehensive explanation is found in game. Launch with combos or dim mak uses the unarmed skill while kata uses a weapon skill (sharp, blunt or unarmed weapons). Dim Mak is a one hand attack with a chance to lower target stats (con, dex, str). Kata is a straight forward weapon attack. Launch with combos are slightly more complicated and are recommended for advanced users only. It is strongly recomended that one makes ones own combos and test them on Master Black in Amador to see if they reach max rating. Also bear in mind that many attacks often means less total damage. Certain attacks which can be added to your launch combo has a chance to cause an effect on the target. The effects are blind, hold, silence and confuse. Effect duration depends on style and unarmed skill. Currently the effects does not land through layers.

Advance tips: Launch does not run off of special, only the highest melee subskill for rating. Obtaining max rating requires quite high skill, so don't expect a max rating if other skills under fighting are advanced significantly. Your weapon skill (unarmed, sharp or blunt) and your dodging skill is the most important skills in the fighting tree. Advancing for shurikens (fighting.offensive.range.throwing) is an option and there is even a style that supports this skill, but since shurikens can only be used out of combat that route is limited.

Special ninja NPCs:
Master Black: Located in the Amador annext, Master Black is willing to be your test dummy. After your attack him he can tell you how you did. This only works for launch with combos at the moment. It's a great way to find what combinations of attacks that work best.
Kobi: Located in the main guild, Kobi is a beltmaker. Buy one of his belts and stuff it with blinding powder and shurikens from the guild.

Ninja trainers:
Raiden: Located in the Amador annex, Raiden can train you in kaze-do (fighting.offensive.range.throwing) and taijutsu (fighting.offensive.melee.unarmed).
Shadow: Located in the main guild, Shadow can train you in kakuremi (covert.stealth and covert.hiding). He can also train your stats.
Buntaro: Located in the Kaithaan annex, Buntaro can train you in tsuchi-do (fighting.offensive.melee.blunt) and kenjutsu (
Taku: Located southwest of Yotera, Taku can train you in daisho (fighting.defensive.parry) and mizu-do (fighting.defensive.dodging.melee).

Various weapons and armours are for sale in the main guild and the Kaithaan annex.

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