Realms of the Dragon
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    Location: Treeth, Amador
    Main stat: Strength and wisdom.
    Secondary stat: Constitution and dexterity.
    Spells: Wrath, Punishment, Shield of Faith, Crusade, Summon Warhorse, Sense Evil, Holy Armour, Light, Pain, Aura of Faith, Heal Wounds, Detect Alignment, Resist.
    Skills: Fix, Punish, Lay Hands, Turn.
    Trees: Fighting 275 (350 in sharp/blunt), Faith 150 (200 in defensive)
    Racial restrictions: None.
    Alignment restrictions: Good only.
The following is a brief explanation of the skills and spells:

Punish: Punish is an attack command which enables your holy wrath to be visited upon the wicked. The damage dealt is based upon your skill with either a sharp or blunt weapon and your skill in fighting.offensive.special. Know, however, that you must maintain a good alignment in order to use it.

Shield of Faith: 65% shield. A major protective spell that helps augment your current armour. The spell lasts longer and protects more the higher your skill in faith.spells.defensive.(self/target). While it may protect as much as a Priest's shield, it will crack and break before the more powerful protection does. The caster of this spell will receive an additional bonus to the shield's durability based upon the caster's alignment.

Lay Hands: Healing ability. Lay hands is one of the most important abilities that a Paladin has. Healing oneself or, more importantly, one's allies, is at the heart of the Paladin's code of sacrifice. While you may not be able to heal as well as the Priests who call upon their god's aid, your hands can still cure some moderate wounds. Uses faith.spells.curing.(self./target).

Fix: Using weapons and armours in combat deteriorates their condition. This command allows you to repair the armour's or weapon's condition so that it gives you more protection or does more damage again. When fixing items you will need money to pay for the materials you use in the smithy. As your skill in general.smithing increases, the closer you will be able to repair an item to its undamaged state.

Turn: This skill allows you to draw upon the holy power of your deity to try to destroy creatures of the undead or demonic nature. You may only do this once on any one creature. The higher your level in Faith and the greater the goodness in your heart, the more damage you will inflict upon the creature. It is even possible to totally destroy the creature with turning. Turning requires a Holy Symbol, which is not consumed during the turning attempt.

Wrath: A paladin of sufficient faith, offensive abilities and a pure heart may call forth the judgement of their deity to unleash their wrath upon an enemy. Up to five hit spell that does fire and magic damage to a single target. Uses

Punishment: This spell will call upon your deity to punish a disciple of evil by reducing your enemy's stat points. This power of this spell is dependent on your and your foe's alignments. Furthermore, this spell may also cause other forms of damage on your foes. This will only work if you have a very high alignment and on those who have a negative alignment. Uses

Crusade: This spell calls upon your deity to grant you holy sanction. While under the influence of Crusade you will exude a holy aura for all to see. This aura grants you several benefits including increased durability, strength, enhanced wisdom and a barrier in front of your shield spell. Protection based on skill level, typically in the range of 9-10%, boosting wisdom by 2, strength by 3 and constitution by 4. Uses faith.spells.defensive.self.

Summon Warhorse: This spell calls upon your deity to grant you a mount to aid you in battle. The mount that is summoned depends upon your skill level. For the two strongest mounts it will cost you 15,000 xp to summon. If you do not have that xp, then it will summon a weaker one instead. You can mount your summon with 'mount', and dismount with 'dismount'. While mounted, you can have your summon charge with the 'charge' command, or charge into another room by doing a 'charge' <direction> at <target>. You must be of good alignment. Uses faith.spells.misc.

Sense Evil: This spell allows the caster to detect the presense of hidden or invisible evil.Uses faith.spells.special, as well as alignment of the caster to determine success rate.

Holy armour: This prayer will call upon your deity to aid in the form of a shimmering field of power that will strengthen your armour. The spell may not be cast on others. This spell will protect against sharp, pierce, blunt. This spell will also, to a lesser extent, protect against magic, fire. Uses faith.spells.defensive.self.

Aura of Faith: This spell allows you to call upon the powers of your deity to bestowe the ability to resist death magic upon the recipient of this spell. You may only cast this on yourself or another Paladin. Uses faith.spells.defensive.(self/target).

Heal Wounds: Heal Wounds will heal the injuries of your target. This spell can be cast in many different ways. First, you may control the strength by specifying medium <default> or weak. You may also control the duration of the spell's effect. Specify long or short <default> in your casting. Note, there are guild point and strength trade-offs to be made when using the spell in its various modes. Uses faith.spells.curing.(self/target).

Detect Alignment: This spell allows you to search within the soul of a being to determine the true nature of its heart. Uses faith.spells.misc.

Pain: This spell calls upon the might of your deity to punish your foes for their evil deeds. Uses

Light: This spell, when cast upon a target, will cause it to exude light. This will help illuminate dark areas, and at an extreme, project so much light as to blind the target. Uses faith.spells.misc.

Resist: This spell allows you to call upon the powers of gods, nature, or magic to bestowe the ability to resist magical and non-magical effects upon the recipient of this spell. Your guild can resist: sharp, fire. Uses faith.spells.defensive.(self/target).

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