Realms of the Dragon
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The Pirate ship:

    Location: Iapage.
    Main stat: Strength.
    Secondary stat: Constitution and dexterity.
    Spells: None
    Skills: Brawl, mug, steal, slip, palm, sneak, hide, fix, rage.
    Trees: Fighting 300, Covert 150
    Racial restrictions: None.
    Alignment restrictions: Evil only.
The pirates are dirty fighters, relying more on cunning and tricks than raw power in fights, or brawls as they call them. When they aren't hunched over a bottle of rum in some shady pub, you are sure to find them either on the oceans or in a crowd, picking some poor fool's pockets.

Minimum Level: 25th (overall)
Guild Point Cost: 25 to 300
Attack Type: Target Attack
Attack Rating Skill: fighting.offensive.special
Allowed Weapon Types: fighting.offensive.melee.unarmed, and fighting.offensive.melee.blunt

This ability is pretty self-explanatory. A Pirate does not go t' some fancy trainin' academy, neither does he attend some dojo where people make noises while th'y chop at th' air. No, a Pirate is th' dirtiest fighter in all o' th' Realms. Such a prestigious reputation is difficult t' maintain, but somehow through biting, cheap shots an' above all, stiff kicks t' th' groin, th' Pirate gets th' job done. Brawlin' is uncouth an' highly unpredictable, somethin' that strategic an' disciplined martial artists 'ave trouble figuring out - a perfect opportunity t' drive yer boot int' his bollocks.

Uses F.O.S. Does damage and has a chance to inflict an effect whose duration and chance to land is based off of F.O.M.U skill. The effects are as follows:
  • Nail below the belt - hinders target from using any command that consumes GPs.
  • Throat punch - silences the target.
  • Leg kick - hinders target movement.
  • Bleed - lowers con and does some minor damage over time. Only available to sharp advanced pirates.
Minimum Level: 50th overall
Guild Point Cost: 300
Regular thieves would rather ye didn't know th'y were th're. This is not so with th' Pirates, an' Mug is th' easiest example that one can give fer that.

With a Mugging, ye plant yer knuckles int' th' jaw o' yer opponent, stunnin' 'im so that his ability t' dodge or defend 'imself is severely lowered. A helpless opponent is like a walkin' bag o' gold coins, so remember th' ingenious technique o' punchin' some clown in th' face.

Here are th' facts: what with all th' silk-robe-wearin' wizards an' cottage-sized fighters, landin' a good punch is not as easy as ye might think. Shields, layers, and especially if they're invisible, these things can get in the way of a solid blow.

Using your skill in fighting.offensive.melee.unarmed an' any unarmed weapons ye might be holding, you can throw a punch and try to knock them senseless.

Has a chance to lower the target's skills temporarily, or completely knock the poor bastard out.

Minimum Level: 0 overall
Guild Point Cost: 100 per round
Steal allows an enterprising thief to steal items or coins from an unsuspecting player or monster. Stealing from players is considerably more difficult than from a monster, and stealing from a player who is overly alert (ie, who has just issued a 'search' command) is even more difficult. The covert.thieving.pickpocket skill is used to determine whether or not you can lift your new toy from your target, and the covert.stealth skill will help you avoid getting caught. If you *are* caught, you will have to rely on covert.hiding else your target will be liable to autoattack you. In each case, your skill will be compared against your target's perception. You can only steal a finite amount of weight or coins each round. If the item you wish to steal is heavier than your weight allowance, it will take more than one round to steal it.

Minimum Level: 0 overall
Guild Point Cost: 10
Lets you sneak in a direction. This means that you get no exit or enter messages. This relies on the skill covert.stealth. Bing! It will not inform you of success or failure and costs 10 guild points regardless of whether you succeed or not.

Minimum Level: 0 overall
Guild Point Cost: 10
Allows you to hide in shadows. This allows you to have simple invisibility. It relies on the skill covert.hiding, it costs 10 guild points regardless of if it succeeds or fails.

Minimum Level: 0 overall
Guild Point Cost: 10
Will silently pick up an object either from the ground or from another object. This uses the skill covert.thieving.sleight-of-hand to determine how good you are at it.

Minimum Level: 0 overall
Guild Point Cost: 10
This command allows you to slip things to players or containers without generating a give message. The use of this command will cost you 3 guild points for every object you slip to someone else. It uses the skill covert.thieving.sleight-of-hand for determining the skill bonus.

Minimum Level: 0 overall
Guild Point Cost: 300
Th' ability t' rage is one o' th' most formidable abilities o' an already formidable group o' people: th' Pirates. When in a drunken an' enraged state, a pirate's ability t' lift an' wield heavy objects is increased, as is his overall pain threshold. Like any Pirate, even a drunk one, there is a limit t' how much punishment he can take. If'n he takes t' much, he'll die like a sissy landlubber. Your skill in fighting.offensive.special will affect how high your strength an' constitution will be raised.

Now fer th' main event: takin' a beating and laughing it off. Part o' th' Pirate lifestyle is drinking. Actually, that's mostly what we do. In any case, when ye are drunk ye feel pain on a much smaller scale than ordinary folk. Take enough pain, an' ye could begin t' sober up. Don't panic! Depending upon how drunk ye are, ye can become enraged again within a matter o' seconds. When in a drunken rage, ye cannot sober up even in th' slightest. Nothin' can affect yer intoxication exceptin' fer when yer rage subsides.

Use caution when drunken brawling: it is considered bad ferm t' rage at baby showers an' daycare centers.

Rage boosts strength and constitution by a maximum of 7 points each. Rage also makes the pirate feel less pain, effectively adding a second shield that absorbs a certain amount of damage before being destroyed. The shield effect is renewed when the pirate renews the rage, though there is a cooldown period if it was destroyed by damage.

Parrot: Through a simple quest that starts in guild the pirate can acquire a parrot. The parrot can be named. The parrot can be sent to three preset locations, for example to buy rum when the pirate is all out, or tote an item or two for you. Parrots also like to drink.

Wavecrasher: Pirates can captain ships superior to ordinary ships. Wavercrashers cannot be bought from dockmasters like normal ships. A pirate must prove 'e's worth the salt in 'is veins by knowin' his guild an' home t' find th' secret shipyard. If'n ye ask th' mates where it be, yer liable t' walk th' plank.

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