Realms of the Dragon
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The Priest guild:

***Under construction***
    Location: Treeth.
    Main stat: Wisdom.
    Secondary stat: Constitution.
      Attack: holy word, wrath of the heavens, channel essence, harm, burning stones, flamestrike, exorcism
      Defensive: serendipity, holy shield, resist, bless, shining cloak, holy armour
      Curative: cure, resurrect, goodberry, raise dead, extra life, summon player ghost, heal
      Miscellaneous: detect alignment, enchant, light, summon archon, summon angelic spirit, sanctify, rapture, calm, detect magic, detect undead, conjoin

    Skills: turn
    Trees: Faith 350, Fighting 90 (FDP 300)
    Racial restrictions: None
    Alignment restrictions: Good only.

Flamestrike: ( - single target offensive spell - costs 90 GPs per hit.
Channel Essence: (faith.spells.offensive and faith.items) - misc spell - variable cost. This spell produces a weapon with strength based on FaSO and enchant level based on FaI.
Harm: ( - single target offensive spell - costs 100 GPs per hit.
Wrath of the Heavens: (faith.spells.offensive.area) - area offensive spell - costs 600 GPs.
Exorcism: ( - single target attack spell - costs 700 GPs. Only works on evil aligned. More damage the more evil target is. Caster must be over lvl 200.
Holy Word: ( - single target attack spell - costs 600 GPs.
Burning Stones: (faith.spells.offensive.area) - area attack spell - costs 125 GPs per hit.
Holy Shield: ( or faith.spells.defensive.self) - defensive spell - costs 700 GPs. A shield spell that protects up to 65% of all incomming damage. The spell also slightly augments your armours.
Holy Armour: ( or faith.spells.defensive.self) - defensive spell - costs 700 GPs. Boosts protection against magic, fire, cold, acid, electricity. Normally more efficient on self than on others.
Shining Cloak: ( or faith.spells.defensive.self) - defensive spell - costs 400 GPs. This spell will protect against sharp, pierce, blunt.
Resist: ( or faith.spells.defensive.self) - defensive spell - variable cost.Your guild can resist: charm, death. Increases armour count and helps on resist checks.
Serendipity: (faith.spells.defensive.self) - defensive spell - costs 500 GPs. A very powerfull defensive spell.
Bless: (faith.spells.defensive.self or ( - defensive spell - costs 600 GPs. For nonpriests it boosts combat abilities against NPCs, while it boosts the priest's combat abilities also against players.

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