Realms of the Dragon
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Shadow Mages

The only difference from Mages to Shadow Mages is access to more spells, nearly all of those spells are gained at much higher skill levels, so there is plenty of time to decide if you feel like falling into the shadows for all eternity.


    Offensive Spells

    • Hand of Night - Learned at level 350 Magic.Spells.Offensive

    Defensive Spells

    • Weaving Shadows - Learned at level 100 Magic.Spells.Defensive
    • Simulacrum - Learned at level 300 Magic.Spells.Defensive

    Misc Spells

    • Shadowstep - Learned at level 200 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Shadow Snare - Learned at level 250 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Infusion - Learned at level 300 Magic.Spells.Misc
    • Animate Shadow - Learned at level 375 Magic.Spells.Misc

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