Realms of the Dragon
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The Shadowthief guild:

    Location: The hangman's tree near the cemetary.
    Main stat: Intelligence and dexterity.
    Secondary stat: Constitution.
    Spells: Chaos screen, dimensional tentacles, scare, vermin horde, night eyes, dark toxin, soul bind, detect alignment, control undead, charm shadow, create undead, acid strike, resist, paranoia, shadow cloak, summon devil, abysmal field, detect magic, ghostly terror, dance of death
    Skills: Hide, unhide, palm, slip, sneak, steal, escape, backstab.
    Trees: Fighting varies, covert 300, occult 150
    Racial restrictions: None.
    Alignment restrictions: Evil only.

Chaos screen: Cost 800 GP - defensive spell - shield spell that uses OSE and OMC.
Dimensional tentacles : Cost 1100 GP - misc spell - hold spell that uses OSS.
Scare : Cost 1000 GP - single target attack spell - forces target to leave the room in fear that uses OSC.
Vermin horde : Cost 500 GP - attack area spell.
Night eyes : Cost 50 GP - misc spell - allows the shadowthief to see in any light.
Dark toxin : Cost 500 GP - misc spell - damage amplifier that stacks. Uses OSCu.
Soul bind : Cost 700 GP - defensive spell - armour spell that protects against physical, acid and poison damage. Uses OSCh.
Detect alignment : Cost 20 GP - misc spell - detects target alignment.
Control undead : Cost 800 GP - misc spell - takes control over an undead being.
Charm shadow : Cost 1750 GP - misc spell - produces a shadow copy of the target that the shadowthief can control. Uses OSCh.
Create undead : Cost 400 GP - misc spell - creates an undead creature for the shadowthief to control. Uses OSCh.
Acid strike : Cost varies - single target attack spell - requires that the shadowthief wields a sharp weapon.
Resist : Cost varies - defensive spell - increases AC and resist checks against acid and poison.
Paranoia : Cost 1000 GP - misc spell - makes the target attack everything in the room. Uses OSCh.
Shadow cloak : Cost 350 GP - defensive spell - boosts dexterity based on overall level with a maximum of 4.
Summon devil : Cost 250 GP - misc spell - summons a devil that follows and protects the caster. Uses OSS.
Abysmal field : Cost 1500 GP - defensive spell - prevents anyone from teleporting to or locating the caster. Uses OSE.
Detect magic : Cost 50 GP - misc spell - detects the enchant level on an item.
Ghostly terror : Cost 250 GP - single target attack spell - uses OSCu.
Dance of death : Cost 700 GP - defensive spell - layer spell that uses OSS, OMD and FDDM.

Hide: Allows you to hide in the shadows. It relies on the skill covert.hiding and costs 10 guild points regardless of whether it succeeds or fails.
Sneak: Lets you sneak in a direction. This means that no one sees your exit or enter messages. This relies on the skill covert.stealth. It will not inform you of success or failure and costs 10 guild points regardless of whether you succeed or not.
Unhide: This command allows you to appear from the shadows at will.
Steal: (0 overall, 100 against other players) - misc command - uses CS for chance of success and CTP for effectiveness. Lets the thief steal items from the victim. Only usable out of combat.
Backstab : (20 overall) - attack command - uses CS. Requires shadowthief to be out of combat. Requires dagger in main hand.
Escape : Costs 300 GP - misc command - allows shadowthief to escape back into the shadows, stopping combat. Obtained through a quest.
Slip: This command allows you to slip things to players or containers without generating a give message. The use of this command will cost you 3 guild points for every object you slip to someone else. It uses the skill covert.thieving.sleight-of-hand for determining the skill bonus.
Palm: Lets you pick up items from the ground, a container or even from a corpse without anyone noticing it.
Sling: (40 overall) - attack command - uses FORT. A weaker attack command usable incombat that enables the thief to sling daggers at his enemy.

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