Realms of the Dragon
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The Shaman guild:

    Location: In the marsh between Lirath and Iapage..
    Main stat: Intelligence and strength.
    Secondary stat: Constitution (and dexterity).
    Trees: Occult 250, fighting 250.
    Racial restrictions: Open to all races.
    Alignment restrictions: No alignment restrictions.
The shaman guild is the only ressurrecting guild that is neutral. They offer a wide variety of service spells like ress, extra life, shield and regen, but are also able to stand up for themselves in a fight should they need to.

Hurl: Offensive ability that uses blunt weapons to hurl them at a target. Weapon is automatically picked up if target is in the same room, but not if the target is in a room away. Uses FOMB and FORT.
Reduce resistance: (occult.spells.cursing) - attack spell - costs 600 GPs. Reduces the resistance against a damage type on target. Can be cast several times for different damage types.
Resist: Gives the ability to resist magical and non-magical effects upon the recipient of this spell. Your guild can resist: blunt, death.
Blood Shield: (occult.spells.enchanting) - defensive spell - costs 600 GPs. A shield that protects against up to 65% of all incomming damage.
Spirit Aura: (occult.spells.enchanting) - defensive spell - costs 750 GPs. This spell calls the souls of long-dead Shamans to envelop one or several targets. Their spirit, appearing almost as a deep blue mist, encompasses the target's body in a protective shell. The caster acts as the font of this spell, and those who are protected by it must remain by their side else the spirits will fade. In addition, the smoke wafting up from the carcass will cause each person affected to regenerate their mental prowess at an accelerated rate. This spell gains additional strength from a place of power.
War Paint: (occult.methods.brewing) - defensive spell - costs 700 GPs. Protects against three damage types of the shaman's choosing.
Battle Heal: (occult.spells.healing) - curative spell - variable cost. Battle heal will heal yourself or your target in the fashion you specify. You may set the duration with short, medium and long, and the strength with strong and weak. Note the power/duration trade-offs and how they affect the spell's cost in guild points.
Purify: (occult.spells.healing) - curative spell - costs 350 GPs. Purify will use the purification and cleansing properties of the Powdered Shin Bone in an attempt to cleanse your target of what ails him. It will remove poisons, curses, and restore his stats to their normal states.
Warrior Spirit: (occult.spells.healing) - curative spell - costs 500 GPs. This spell calls the spirit of a fallen warrior to join your target, granting your target an extra life. This spell does not effect ghosts. Also, the target may not have more than 25 lives at any time.
Regenerate: (occult.spells.healing) - curative spell - costs 500 GPs. This spell increases GP regen.
Place of Power: (occult.methods.chanting) - misc spell - costs 200 GPs. Place of Power is the root of the Shaman's power. It allows a Shaman to create a ceremony which will allow additional Shamans to cast and combine their spell's power. Once the strength of the Place of Power has been established, a Shaman may cast the spell(s) that you are intending to strengthen. In the case of certain spells, non-shaman may join in the ritual and chant to increase its power.
Affliction: (occult.spells.cursing) - misc spell - costs 400 GPs. This spell, much like irritation, creates a powder which a shaman may throw at an enemy. This one, however, does not harm the target's physical health but his/her mental health, causing their once great mana resources to slowly ebb away.
    Skills Used:
    Occult.Spells.Cursing - Potency Of The Powder's Curse.
    Occult.Methods.Chanting - Duration Of Powder's Curse
This spell gains additional strength from a place of power.
Touch of Armagor: (occult.spells.enchanting) - misc spell - costs 150 GPs. This spell allows you to channel Armagor, the God of War, to place an enchantment upon your armour or weapon. Keeper of souls from a thousand battlefields, if you are worthy he will bestow some of his essence to aid you. His essence leaves your armour or weapon should they be dropped, so take care to keep them in your possession.
Restore Life: (occult.spells.healing) - misc spell - costs 350 GPs. This spell will bring the target back to life.
Restore Body: (occult.spells.healing) - misc spell - 150 costs GPs. This spell raises others from the dead.
Summon Player Spirit: (occult.methods.chanting) - misc spell - costs 350 GPs. Summon Player Spirit will allow you to draw upon your spiritual powers to summon the ghost of a departed player to your location.
Warrior Guard: (occult.spells.summoning) - misc spell - costs 400 GPs. This spell summons the spirit of a fallen comrade to assist you in your battles. The warrior will assist you by offering protection and support where possible.
Renew Spirit: (occult.spells.enchanting) - misc spell - costs 1500 GPs. This spell will call upon the resources of the spirit world to help another remove a taint from their soul.
Infuse Spirit: (occult.spells.enchanting) - misc spell - variable cost. This spell will tap into the spirit world, and draw from the abilities of long-dead warriors to augment your own. You may choose to augment any of your physical stats, and bind the warrior's attributes to your own for a limited time.
Irritation: (occult.spells.cursing) - misc spell - costs 400 GPs. Similar to affliction, but this one hurts the target physically over time.
Summon Corpse: (occult.methods.chanting) - misc spell - costs 350 GPs. The Summon Corpse spell will allow you to draw upon the spiritual powers of your circle to draw the spirit of a recently departed person to your location, along with all of their belongings.
Conjoin: (faith.spells.misc) - misc spell - costs 0 GPs. This spell is used as the final step of the marriage process. It is expected to come at the end of the wedding ceremony, however you choose to conduct that.

Components: A shaman needs a great variety of components to cast his spells. To obtain theese you kill something, hold the Oc'taam (from guild shop) and "deile corpse" (or "stab corpse" for spirit aura components). The objects obtained from this is carried to the Black Shrine (guild) where you "meditate" to get a list of what to do.

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