Realms of the Dragon
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The Sorcerer Guild

Originally known as Air Elementalists, Sorcerers have broken away from the Elementalist/Thaumaturgy guild and found a place to practice their magics near the windy shores of the Valeris coast. They are the most defensive guild in the Realms, able to summon protective winds that brush away even the most powerful of attacks with ease.


    Main stat: Intelligence.
    Secondary stat: Dexterity.
    Racial restrictions: Open to all races. Elves gain racial bonuses to almost all aspects of this guild, from defensive Magic to Covert to Dodging. Drow are similar but their bonuses are in Offensive magic rather than Defensive magic. Gnomes are also adept in this guild because while lacking the strengths for Offense and Defense, they have no weakness in magic either, and gain bonuses towards enchantment magic, such as for Aerial Possession and Reduce Weight, making their items greatly desired.
    Alignment restrictions: No alignment restrictions.

    Skill Trees:

    • Magic: 300
      • Magic.Spells.Defensive: 350
    • Covert: 125
    • Fighting.Defensive.Dodging: 300

    Advancement Plan

    • Magic
      • Spells
        • Defensive
          • Self: 350
        • Offensive
          • Target: 300
        • Misc
          • Target: 300
    • Magic
      • Spells
        • Defensive: 350
            Note: You do not need this as an Elf, Elf bonus negates the need to overmax Defensive.
        • Offensive: 300
        • Misc: 300 (Optional)
            This is extremely optional, and often not recommended. The only purpose of this is to overcome resistance in PK Situations for using Zephyr's Breath and Silence. Sorcerer's don't pour out damage like other guilds, so working as a team allows this Sorcerer Build to handle tactics rather than damage.
    • Magic
      • Spells: 300
    • Magic
      • Spells
        • Special: [ ? ]
            For Gnomes, Drow and Elves: Raise this until it is 30 points higher than Magic. You need to end with a value of 330 in this skill leaf. Required value will be higher for other races.
    • Magic: 300

    Training Stats (Suggested)

    • Newbie Guild
      • Work in Progress...
    • Sorcerer's Guild
      • Work in Progress...


    • Hide
    • Unhide
    • Sneak
    • Palm
    • Slip
    • Elude

    Sorcerer Spells

    • Spells, Offensive

      • Arcane Bolts
      • Ball Lightning
      • Forked Lightning
      • Lightning Bolt
      • Lightning Missile
      • Lightning Rampage
      • Lightning Storm
      • Plasma Blast
    • Spell, Defensive:

      • Air Steel
      • Electric Field
      • Layered Winds
      • Mystical Cloak
    • Spells, Miscellaneous:

      • Aerial Possession
      • Aerial Pursuit
      • Air Portal
      • Darkness
      • Detect Magic
      • Invisibility
      • Light
      • Reduce Weight
      • Scatter
      • Shocking Grasp
      • Silence
      • Summon Elemental
      • Zephyr's Breath

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