Realms of the Dragon
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The War wizard guild:

    Location: Castle north of Lirath.
    Main stat: Strength and Intelligence.
    Secondary stat: Constitution.
    Spells: Arcane bolts, Corrode, Crystal shards, Darkness, Detect magic, Earthen guard, Earthen hammer, Earthen might, Earthquake, Elemental bonding, Engulf, Iron defence, Light, Stone hammer, Stoneskin, Summon hero, Summon mephit, True sight, Vulcanian hammer.
    Skills: Maul.
    Trees: Fighting 225 (400 blunt), Magic 150.
    Racial restrictions: None.
    Alignment restrictions: None.

Maul: Attack command that uses FOMB and FOS.

Arcane bolts: Offensive target spell - uses MSOT.
Corrode: Misc spell - temporary lowers target weapon damage. Uses MSMT.
Crystal shards: Offensive target spell - uses MSOT, several hits.
Darkness: Misc spell - lowers lighting for target.
Detect magic: Misc spell - detects target item's enchant level.
Earthen guard: Defensive spell - protects the caster against elemental damage. Uses MSDS.
Earthen hammer: Offensive single target spell - uses MSOT, max four hits.
Earthen might: Misc spell - boosts the caster's strength based on MSMS skill until logout. The strength added with this spell can not be even temporarily removed with a stat dropping ability, resulting in among others a much higher minimum encumbrance than the normal 325.
Earthquake: Offensive area spell - uses MSOA.
Elemental bonding: Misc spell - magically repairs items without damaging the enchant on said items.
Engulf: Misc spell - engulfes the target in clay, preventing it from moving. Uses MSMT.
Iron defence: Defensive spell - adds physical AC to target. Uses either MSDS or MSDT.
Light: Misc spell - Increases target lighting.
Resist: Defensive spell - adds AC and chance to resist against blunt and magic.
Stone hammer: Misc spell - summons a two handed stone hammer that does magic and blunt damage. Hammer damage depends on MSOT. The hammer binds to the caster.
Stoneskin: Defensive spell - adds layers to the war wizard that each protects against a certain percentage of incomming damage. Each layer takes a little damage to break, such that one very weak attack might not break a layer. The first layer protects against almost all incomming damage, the next protects a little less and so on.
Summon hero: Misc spell - summons a hero that follows and protects the caster.
Summon mephit: Misc spell - summons a weak mephit that attacks the target and protects the caster.
True sight: Misc spell - enables the caster to see hidden and even invisible items or denizens in the room each time he enters, looks or glances in a room.
Vulcanian hammer: Misc spell - summons a one handed hammer that binds to the caster. Effectiveness depends on MSOT and MISt.

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