Realms of the Dragon
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The Wizard guild:

***Under construction***
    Location: Drunsen pass.
    Main stat: Intelligence.
    Secondary stat: Constitution.
    Trees: Magic 300
    Racial restrictions: Open to all races.
    Alignment restrictions: No alignment restrictions.
The wizards of this realm might not be powerhouses when it comes to raw power, but they make up for that in debuffing, service abilities, a decent defense and some nice misc spells.


Advance plans

Voice's PK Wizard Plan

Utility Items & Components

  • Wizard staff crafted in the guild
  • Wizards Pouch at the guild store for the insertion and withdrawal of precious components
  • Endless Spell Component Bag
  • Umber Hulk Eyes from the Mines of Mithris
  • Unicorn Horns from the noble Unicorn
  • Small Mirrors from the Mirror Store

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