Realms of the Dragon
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The Pyromancer guild:

***Under construction***
    Location: South of Stowe.
    Main stat: Intelligence.
    Secondary stat: Constitution.
    Skills: None.
    Trees: Magic 300.
    Racial restrictions: Open to all races.
    Alignment restrictions: No alignment restrictions.
The Pyromancers base their magic on fire and as such they have the strongest offensive spells the realms has to offer. Even their defensive spell flaming corona has an element of offense in it, the logic being that you can get away with a weaker defense if you kill your enemy fast.
Armour: .
Improved armour:
Flaming corona: (MSDS) - defensive spell - costs x GP. Surrounds the caster in a flaming corona that works like layers with a kickback. The spell can be recast without being dispelled. The kickback damage is a percentage of the damage done by the attacker, adding to the offensive capabilities of the pyromancer.
Shooting star: (MSOT) - single target offensive spell - costs x GP. Combined with sulpher burns, this spell can do massive damage.
Sulpher burns: (MSOA) - area misc spell - costs x GP. When active, this spell works like a damage amplifier, increasing all damage on a target until it wears off or is dispelled. It is possible to hit several targets at once with this spell.
Firewall: () - misc spell - costs x GP. The caster puts a firewall before an exit and it will slow down anyone trying to exit through it.

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