Realms of the Dragon
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Trades are professional associations characters may join in order to provide services to the Realms. Joining a trade is completely optional, but does confer benefits, such as increased prestige. Trades are not restricted by race, guild, or organization; anyone may join them.

List of Trades

Joining the Merchants allows a player to purchase and run a shop. Players may stock any item in the shop and set any price desired. Purchasing a shop requires a large sum of money, and shops charge regular rent to the owner. Shops are located in Lirath, Gniblin, and Pesvint. Org Masters may purchase a shop for their Org, which allows all members of the Org to manage the shop's inventory. Owners may also blacklist unwanted players, barring them from purchasing items. Players become Merchants by completing a quest which starts in a secret location in Rhone during witching hours.

Publishers create content for The Dragon News, the monthly newspaper of the Realms. Content creation is open ended and not subject to any rules save the capricious whims of Immortals. The Publisher offices are located in central Lirath, and one must apply to join the trade.

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